Marshall Poole

Ealdor Bealu

Hot Pursuit

Shawn & the Marauders

Snoozy Moon


The Luddites

Sons of Bannock


Charm Quark


Sherrod Parkhouse
and the Blues Day Riders

Walther's Wallpaper

Joe Robertson

4 am Club

Whistle Pig

Funk:30 PM

Michael Martin


Dale Polen

MOdern Methods


Al Murb


Friday Main Stage Small Stage
3pm - Gate opens
4:00p – 4:30p Loot
4:30p – 4:55p Orientation
4:50p – 5:30p Bakerstreet
5:30p – 5:55p Al Murb
6:00p – 6:40p Modern Methods
6:40p – 7:05p Whistle Pig
7:10p – 8:00p Sons of Bannock
8:00p – 8:25p 4AM Club
8:30p – 9:20p Snoozy Moon
9:20p – 9:55p Madrona
10:00p – 11:00p Ealdor Bealu
Saturday Main Stage Small Stage
1:30pm - Gate opens
2:50p – 3:30p Charm Quark
3:30p – 3:55p Dale Polen
4:00p – 4:40p The Luddites
4:40p – 5:05p Michael Martin
5:10p – 5:50p Salduro
5:50p – 6:15p Joe Robertson
6:20p – 7:10p Shawn & the Marauders
7:10p – 7:35p Funk:30 PM
7:40p – 8:30p Hot Pursuit
8:30p – 8:55p Walther's Wallpaper
9:00p – 10:00p Marshall Poole
10:00p – 10:35p Sherrod Parkhouse & The Blues Day Riders
10:40p – 12:10a Pistachio


Other Rules

NO weapons
NO fireworks
NO pets


Yes! visit our linktree ( for the volunteer application or email our volunteer coordinator at

FMC ParkPocatello, ID 83202, United States

View Shady Grove Site Layout (PDF)



Yes! Visit our linktree for the band application or email us at
Yes! Visit our linktree for the vendor application or email us at

Pocatello’s Jim Dandy Brewing will be serving its superb locally crafted beers as well as a few other favorites for those age 21 and older with identification. THERE IS A STRICT NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL POLICY. You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages and water. We will also provide several hydration stations with filtered water from Culligan Water Conditioning of Pocatello.

FMC Park has several resident peacocks so, except for service animals, NO DOGS are allowed.

Absolutely! Kids age 13 and under who are accompanied by an adult get in free!

Yes! Just be sure to purchase the tickets that are tagged as camping.

Yes. There is limited space for RVs though so please contact us at with the type of camper or RV you plan to bring, its dimensions and, if applicable, the type of vehicle that will be towing it. There is room to park, but no RV hookups.

Yes, you can come and go as you please.

Private campfires will be prohibited. However, we will have a communal late night fire. 

Only propane stoves may be used in the camping area. Charcoal or any open flame cooking devices are prohibited

Yes. You can purchase a ticket to the event using a debit or credit card by visiting our link tree ( Beer, food, and crafts vendors may or may not accept credit cards. Bringing some cash is a good idea.

Remain on the grass inside the venue and await instructions from festival staff through one of the public announcement systems. Do not attempt to retrieve your vehicle and leave.

You bet! What’s a campout without singalongs? We will also hold a campfire jam on Friday night.

Please respect the peacocks by looking at them, but not trying to touch. Maybe you will find a feather!