The French Tips


Visit any work session with Boise band The French Tips and you are bound to encounter a lot of snacks. Now in their fifth year as a band, Angela Heileson (vocals, drums), Rachel Couch (vocals, guitar, bass) and Ivy Merrell (vocals, bass, guitar) have learned the art of treating themselves and collaborators to an abundance of food. What began as an avenue for releasing pent up rage through music has evolved into a refuge from the personal and collective challenges of being a human over the past five years.

Like the array of snacks that they always have on hand, The French Tips also fuel their sound with a plethora of influences. Punk rock, post-punk, disco, dance, pop, funk, surf, and doo wop are infused into the garage rock sound they have honed over two albums, 2019’s It’s the Tips and 2022’s All the Rage.